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The Life Skills puppy training classes have been developed with an emphasis on preventing common behaviour problems and helping your dog to take responsibility for being well behaved. Ideally these skills are incorporated into daily life so time spent training your dog is reduced. This will of course take consistency and commitment from you as an owner, but once the habits of interacting are established it will become a natural way of living with your dog. There are ten Life Skills listed which cover all the aspects of a dog's life. The 7 week course will help you to understand the concepts, learn the skills and work out how to integrate them into your lifestyle. The Life Skills have been phrased from the perspective of the dog to emphasise at all times that this is what the puppy is learning to put into practice, not what we are training him to do.

What your puppy will learn:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Coming when called
  • Walking nicely on a lead
  • Being able to settle and amuse themselves appropriately
  • Having good manners around people and other dogs
  • Being comfortable being touched and groomed

These are used to support and reinforce the ten Life Skills

  1. I Have Confidence
  2. I Like Surprises
  3. I Like to be Touched
  4. I Have Self Control and Can Tolerate Frustration
  5. I Can Be Calm
  6. I Know The Rules
  7. I Can Listen
  8. I Have Good Manners
  9. I Can Make the Right Choice
  10. I am Allowed to Be a Dog

How much?

£125 for a 7 week course which includes a copy of the Life Skills for Puppies book, developed and written by Helen Zulch and Daniel Mills.

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Who is it for?

Suitable for puppies 8* to 20 weeks with a maximum of 6 puppies per course. Taught by staff with qualifications and experience in the field of animal behaviour and training. In order to practice the skills you are learning in the class outside in the real world, some classes in the course will take place partly outside - you will get plenty of warning to dress appropriately for those classes! The first class lasts 90 minutes including refreshments and is without puppies. All other classes last one hour and are with puppies.

*We strongly believe in the benefits of early socialisation, so are happy for puppies to join only having had their first vaccination, but owners should consult their own veterinary surgeon if they want to consider this option.