Meet The Train the Trainers Team

Lynn Hewison

Lynn is our principal tutor of the Life Skills for Puppies classes. She works in our Animal Behaviour Clinic where she sees both dogs and cats through veterinary referral. In addition to consulting, she also teaches on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and is the Programme Lead for the MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University. She is also involved in research, mainly focussed in clinical animal behaviour. Lynn is highly qualified academically with both a BSc in Animal Behaviour Science and an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour. She also has extensive practical experience through teaching classes for many years and working in a variety of kennel environments, including private breeding and rescue. Lynn currently owns two dogs, a boxer cross and a border terrier cross.

Kevin McPeake

Kevin is one of the principal tutors of the Life Skills for Puppies classes. In addition to this, he works in our Animal Behaviour Clinic where he sees canine and feline behaviour referrals and is currently undertaking a PhD in canine behaviour. Kevin qualified as a vet from the University of Glasgow in 2005 and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from the University of Southampton University in 2011. Kevin has a dog called Morag at home.

Select sessions of the course have in the past been given by:

Helen Zulch

Helen is a veterinary behaviourist whose book Life Skills for Puppies is the inspiration for the Life Skills for Puppies training classes. She developed and refined the concepts and course content over several years of teaching dog training classes, working with dogs and cats with behaviour problems and lecturing to students at the University of Lincoln, alongside a busy schedule of seminars and talks at conferences and professional development courses for vets and dog training professionals. Helen has had dogs all her adult life, and currently owns a border collie and labrador, who help her with her teaching and research interests. Helen's book 'Life Skills for Puppies' can be bought from here.

Hannah Wright

Hannah had been teaching classes at the University since 2008 and taught on 'Life Skills for Puppies' courses. She is an APDT trainer (MAPDT 01158) and was a regional manager for Puppy School Ltd. Hannah has a PhD (on 'Impulsivity in Dogs') and worked at the University as a Research Fellow in the fields of Animal Behaviour, Cognition & Welfare and Human-Animal Interactions. In addition to being highly qualified academically, Hannah has extensive practical experience, having previously worked in kennels, veterinary clinics, and the rescue charity sector. Hannah currently owns two border collies.